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No one has ever become rich, working for someone else J.R.


Jim Rattray and Carolyn Lee want to welcome you to our program.

We want to let you know that we are here to help you find a way to develop that special gift that you have.

We believe that everyone on earth was blessed with some form of a special gift.

We can hear what you are thinking right now, something like, I do not know what he is talking about. I do not have a special gift.

Your special gift could be something you have been doing for years, maybe just for relaxation.

As an example:
What if your mother showed you how to knit a beautiful afghan?

You have been doing this for years and not even thinking that someone out there would pay you
to teach them how to do that very same thing.

What if your father showed you, at a young age, how to build bird houses?

Now for relaxation, you have built hundreds of birdhouses and not even thinking,
about the fact that there are people that would pay you for that knowledge you have
on how to build those birdhouses.

The training we are about to offer you will help you to start thinking like a business person.

Did you know there are over 3.2 Billion people on the Internet today?

What if you were to build a small e-book explaining how you knitted those beautiful afghans,
or how you build those fancy birdhouses, and you sold that e-book for around $10?

Keep in mind your customer base is around 3.2 Billion people.

How many of those $10 e-books would you have to sell to give you financial freedom?

What if you sold that e-book for $20, $30, or $50 each and sold a hundred thousand of them, you do the math.

I can hear those wheels turning, all this time you were thinking you did not a special gift.

I believe that everyone on earth was blessed with some form of a special gift.

I would like to help you find what your gift is and help you develop it into
something you could share with others around the world and get paid for it.

I am a retired aeronautical engineer with over 50 years of experience in
designing and manufacturing new ideas and products for the aviation industry.

For the last 40 years I have been mentoring hundreds of young people on and off the Internet
helping them develop their lifelong dreams of being financially free.

I like to teach my young people exactly what I do and exactly how I do it no secrets,
all my team members do not have to reinvent the wheel, just copy my simple formula for
creating the business of your dreams.

We have developed one of the finest and very comprehensive business training
designed to help the newbies or anyone that has the desire to build their own business.

If you are a first-time business owner, don’t worry, this step-by-step program will help you
get started easily and will drop your learning curve from years to weeks.

The curriculum is focused on helping you develop your own product.

It will brand you as having built your very own Internet Empire.

You will be creating the levels of wealth, freedom, and financial security you have dreamed of.

You will learn how to build your own business from the ground up and how to accelerate the
growth and profits.

The New First Step Business Training lets you see the big picture.

It shows you how to create new leads on a daily basis and how to be sure you are recruiting
the right leads.

This mentoring program is an easy to follow, step by step plan of action to not only get your
business up and running smoothly but cost efficient as well.

The proven techniques on setting your business up the efficient way right from the start, will
save you hundreds of work hours as well as thousands of dollars in operating cost.

This program covers today’s most relevant marketing concepts and strategies.

From data-driven marketing to social media, timely discussions and projects to help you apply
your learning to real-world challenges and opportunities.

As a new business owner you can set your goals very high and bring all your goals to a
life-changing reality.

There is on huge difference in those who barely make a living and those who reach six figures
and beyond.

That is one of the reasons we have created this comprehensive training.

You do not need to look very far to see a lot of programs out there on the Internet that promise
you by signing up with them you can be your own boss.

How can you be your own boss when you’re still working for them?

All they are offering you is a chance to build their business and to expand their mailing list to sell
their products.

To me that does not sound like being a business owner, that sounds like a job.

Isn’t that what you wanted to get away from, working for someone else?

 Learn by this step-by-step training system with lessons about how
 to automate and grow your business.

Then you can truly start your own company, build your own products, set up your own marketing

That is how you reach six figures and beyond not by working for someone else.

This completely generic training, is designed to help you build your own business and products
branded to you.

At the end of the course you should be well on your way to having a very successful and
profitable home-based business.

  A business with your name on it, where you are the boss, and not just an
  affiliate working to build some other program that you have no control of.

Our First Step Business Training Course is set up on a weekly webinar training system followed
by a Q&A session.

Each week we will cover a different topic on how to set up your own business from day one, all the
way to the day you open your doors and you are ready to do business.

We organize the simple training as a step-by-step learning process.

The first part of the business training will cover all the basics.

Learning how to think like a business owner, solving problems, organizing your office and have it run
smoothly and cost efficiently.

It’s during this part of the business training that we will be contacting you to find out what your niche
is or what type of business you want to build.

 Our goal is to help you any way we can to get you started in your own
  business and have it run as smoothly as possible.

We have spent years gathering the information that you will receive from this First Step Business
Training Course.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you see other marketers earning six & seven figures and living the
wealthy lifestyle.... driving the car you want to drive - living in the house you want to have - making
the money you want to make - living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of?

I do not blame people who become frustrated and disappointed with the working world and not
making six & seven figures. It truly is a big disappointment when you realize that most of what
you were taught about becoming successful was bad advice. Most of us were taught to just work
hard at our job and it will all work out great.

Now we realized that working hard at our job does not make us wealthy. After several years many
people do not receive the pay increases which they were promised, or perhaps get laid off or the
company closes down in their city or goes out of business.

This can cause people to lose their years that they had been investing in their retirement program.
Many of the people I have known, at retirement age, ended up living on a measly retirement check.

There is a huge difference in those who barely make a living and those who reach six & seven
figures. Those who are making six & seven figures make a decision to stop the procrastination,
take action now, and become their own boss, own their own business and control their own future.

This is a 6-week course with an extra two-week bonus offer. Everyone that finishes the first 6-weeks
of training will be offered and additional 2 two weeks of advanced training. For a total of 8-weeks.

That is one of the reasons we have created this 8 week comprehensive training with
step-by-step strategies to create your own dream lifestyle.

Are you ready to put an end to your frustrations?

Are you ready to take action now and build your own business and create the lifestyle of your dreams?

If the answer if yes, then let me introduce to you this comprehensive training program. You are about
to have access to the exact same strategies that have helped generate million of dollars in sales.

I believe that you are here for a reason, that you have a unique God given gift and talent that you are
meant to share with the world.

This is a safe space to believe in yourself, practice letting go of control and learn to receive more abundance.

Momentum starts with decision and commitment when you start the process by having made the choice
to learn how to launch and grow your business.

When you have made a great decision and investment in yourself, and your future, you will be joining a
community of other Visionary Leaders who are sharing their experience, talents, and gifts with the people.
They are meant to serve, getting their message out in a big way globally and creating real wealth.

These eight weeks of comprehensive business modules will show you how.

For those of you who have made the great decision to invest in yourself, by joining us,
we are about to give you some more exciting news.

 We have added two bonus packages to our program.

1. A two-year membership in our Business Co-op Program.

  The idea behind the business co-op program, is to get together with other like-minded
 entrepreneurs to exchange ideas on the daily workings of a business.

  By exchanging ideas with each other, you could save thousands of dollars trying
  something that may or may not work for your business.

  On the other hand, others could learn from a good idea that you bring to the table.

  The point of the co-op is for everyone to benefit from the knowledge that is shared by other members.

  I have never found another program that offers this kind of help for their members.

2. Affiliate Program.

  I have checked out a lot of programs in doing my research. Most programs do not reward you enough,
 for the time you spend recruiting new members. We elected to make our affiliate program one of the highest
 paying programs on the Internet today.

Our affiliate program works like this.

As an affiliate you will be given a Referral Code that is unique to your membership.
  You will be paid a minimum of $100 for every member that pays for one of our training courses
  using your Referral Code. That new member will be permanently tagged to you by your Referral Code.
  If that new member pays for another one of our training courses, you will receive another $100 payment.
  This will happen every time that new member pays for a new training course using your Referral Code.

All those new $100 bills could add up to a nice size grub stake to start your own business.

Remember one thing procrastination is the enemy.

If you are looking for some help, you are in the right place.

Now is the time, our program was designed to help you, and we are here to help you.

"Those that do not make a change for the future are destined to live in the past." J.R.


Our Program includes the following:

Comprehensive Training
with step-by-step strategies.

Personalized coaching to help you develop
the type of business you want.

Affiliate Program that could earn you
thousands of dollars

2 Year membership
Business Co-Op Program
Total $ 997.00

What other companies charge for their programs:

$ 2,000.00 to $10,000.00

$ 2,000.00 to $8,000.00

$ 2,000.00 or more

$ 5,000.00 to 10,000.00
Total $11,000.00 to $30,000.00


You may be asking yourself, how come our program is so much less than other companies?

The answer is simple.
We are not doing this for the money.

We are trying to do everything we can, to help you get started in your new business.


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First Step Business Training

This is a double opt in program for your protection.
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This is a double opt in program for your protection.
Please check your email to confirm your request for this information.
If you do not confirm this request, you will not be forwarded to the information you requested.